Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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ASPC Perryville
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Goodyear, AZ  85395

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There Were Only 2 Bird Poop Incidents
Hello all,

Thought I would give everyone a brief Jessica update. Our visit with Jessica last Saturday went really well. Her grandparents, Aunt and several friends were able to visit. I think everyone had a nice visit and was pleasantly surprised at how well she looked and how well she seems to be doing! We had a full 4 hours and I think everyone was exhausted after the visit! It was beautiful outside so we visited outside at a picnic table under a tree the entire time. There were only 2 bird poop incidents so overall not too bad!! :)

Jessica seemed in really good spirits, she told several funny stories and we laughed a lot! She and her cell mate get along really well, what a blessing! Your cell mate can either make or break your time there, so let's hope she can stay with this person for as long as possible!

She was very excited that she had enough money on her account to order her TV this week! Her cell mate has been sharing but she really wanted her own so she could watch what teams she wanted to watch!!! :)

Her job is still going well although she said there were several positions available at the BMV (yes the same one you call about license plates) and she had hoped to get a job there because the pay is much better than the .20 an hour she currently makes as a dishwasher. There are perks of working in the kitchen that she would miss, like first dibs on the food, the one with the most cheese is top priority, but the new job would be not as messy and more money.

Overall she is great, no complaints (to us anyway) and she looked beautiful!

This weekend she has requested that just Jeff and I visit and next weekend Lauren is coming in to visit her! They are both excited about that. I will keep everyone posted on the visitation schedule, Jessica will be calling the shots on that. :)

Keep the letters coming! She loves. loves, loves getting her mail! She is still in process of writing to everyone that has written.

Have a good day!