Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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Jessica L Robinson
ADC # 256178
San Carlos B-2-30
ASPC Perryville
PO Box 3700
Goodyear, AZ  85395

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Still Processing In R&A
Hello all,

Just wanted to give you a quick Jessica update. We have not heard from her, although this is what we expected. We knew we may not hear from her for several weeks. She is still in the processing in unit ( R & A ) and cannot make calls until we are all approved and she cannot write until she can buy paper. Money orders have been sent to put money into her account, but even once it is deposited, she cannot shop (so we have been told) for about 2 weeks. So, hopefully once she is out of the processing in unit or (R & A) unit, she can borrow or beg a piece of paper, envelope and stamp to write.

I spoke to "nice man" at the prison today and he was only able to say that she is still in the "R & A" but that any mail that is sent to her, she should receive. He also reassured me that the food there is MUCH better than the jail where she came from so if she did ok there, she will do just fine.

Again, you can mail letters, cards and postcards. Pictures can be sent as long as there is no nudity or any sort of alcohol or gang signs ( really worried about you guys sending those! ) :) I am sure she would love pictures from everyone. If you have pets, especially dogs, send pictures of those to her. I know for a fact she is missing the dogs terribly.

As soon as we receive a letter or call from her, I promise you will all be the first to know!

Thanks for all of your support, everyday we hear from so many of you and others asking about her and it is wonderful to know she, as well as us, have so many people that care.


Jeanne and Jeff