Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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Jessica L Robinson
ADC # 256178
San Carlos B-2-30
ASPC Perryville
PO Box 3700
Goodyear, AZ  85395

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Perryville Sunshine Fund, YOU can help make someone smile!
While chatting with Jessica during one of our visits we were discussing mail call.  She was telling us how special she feels everyday when her name is called (usually several times) for mail.   During mail call almost all of the women come out to the yard in hopes their name will be called, even just once.  Many of these women day after day, week after week, month after month and for some year after year come outside to be disappointed yet once again that their name was not called.  Jessica said when they do get their name called, some of the women are brought to tears that finally someone outside of the barbed wire thought about them for even a moment and cared enough to write their name on a card, put a stamp on it and drop it in the mail.

For our family this seems so foreign to us.  We are so blessed with so many friends and family who care and who do continue to think of Jessica and for that reason she feels love each and everyday at mail call.

After much discussion of what we could do to help,  we thought of the Perryville Sunshine Club.   For the women on the yard who are willing to give their information such as ADC# and housing number, and their dates of birth, we would ask all of you if you have the time to send a birthday card to that special person. 

We will post the names and dates of births the week of persons birthday and maybe they may just get their name called during mail call!!   Birthdays are special to each of us, lets help make it special for someone who may not ever be thought of all year long.

I know you, my dear family and friends, and I know you are thinking, I can help!!!! ....I love you all for that!    

FYI Just sign your first name on the card and you can use this as a return address PO Box 2103, HIgley AZ 85236

Here is our first lucky recepient....  Her birthday in June 18th!! Let's make her smile!
Kristina Phalen  ADC#235224
Lumely 24-B-129
ASPC Perryville
PO Box 3300
Goodyear, AZ  85395