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"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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Finally Able To Shop

We received another letter from Jessica yesterday and she is doing well. She was finally able to "shop" and get real CREST toothpaste, soap, and hair conditioner (she said her hair is very dry due to the water and terrible shampoo) but the conditioner should help. She was excited about finally getting some things of her own. She loves getting all the mail, she tells us about it in every letter. She said last Tuesday was a very exciting day because she would get all her mail from the weekend, since Monday was a holiday, and she would also be receiving her store items on that day. She again says to thank everyone for writing and hello to all....she will finally be able to buy stamps, and paper and postcards and will start writing back as soon as she receives more supplies. :)

She drew a very detailed drawing of her cell, including the "little friends" meaning spiders, bugs etc. Thank goodness those do not bother her!!!! She said dinner the other night was a wonderful Taco Salad and it even had onions and green peppers in it, she said it was yummy! She has yet to received all the books I sent, but I called someone today and I am working on it. I have proof that they made it there and the mail person confirmed that they arrived and that the "property person" in her unit signed for it's just a matter of tracking them down. But, as many of you well know.....I will get it done. :) She is already at the book limit when she finally does receive them. So, how that works is, once she reads one she can either, 1. throw it away 2. donated it to the prison library 3. mail it back home. Of course she will donate to the library. The process is lengthy though, she signs for a book and it goes on her property list, once she is finished with it, she has to fill out a property release form to get it taken off of her it like everything else in there is a slow process. But the books I have sent are ones that she will enjoy, one of course being a journal so she can start her book she wants to write. :) May of you have asked about sending her books, I have an account set up on-line at Barnes and Noble and have started a wish list. So if you are interested in sending a book when she can receive more, just contact me.

This Wednesday will be 3 weeks so we are really hoping that within 2 to 3 weeks we will be approved for calls and visitation. So not only do you have to be approved to visit, I found out that you must also be on the call approval list, which is the same as the visitation list. So if you are an approved visitor, then she will be able to call you. If not she will not be able to call you. But as other families do at times, they will pick a day where whomever wants to talk to her can come to the house and when she calls we can pass the phone around. :)

Have a good weekend,