Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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Jessica L Robinson
ADC # 256178
San Carlos B-2-30
ASPC Perryville
PO Box 3700
Goodyear, AZ  85395

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Too Beautiful not to share….
Jessica rarely writes to us because we talk everyday on the phone and we see her every weekend. But, yesterday I received a letter along with our most recent family photos. I thought I would share this with all of you. I have Jessica's permission. It will let you know that she really is okay.

March 22, 2012

Dear Mom,

Hi! I miss you! Then again, when don't I!

It is 8:30pm count time and you are on the road right now, heading home from your class here. I've been thinking about you all evening, wondering how the class went. It makes me so proud that you teach those women. It really is so special to them, and I know it's special for you. You are the only one in the family that knows what it is like in here without actually having a number! You might as well get one, you are here enough.

Most days I just go about my "prison" life and don't think about it. Then some days I think to myself, "oh my god, I am really in prison, and I am living on a Max Unit - on a medium yard with murderers and lifers"! You know I never thought I'd be here in this place, but here I am, and it's ok. I am here and we are all ok.

I look back to the Monday after the accident, I thought we would never be fine again. Happy to say, and as weird as this may sound, I think we are better than fine. We are better people, a better family and stronger because of this. I still wish that this had not happened, but the aftermath in all reality has been a "beautiful mistake". It has shown me the real beauty in the world. Sometimes we have to see all of the dirt, evil and ugliness in this world to see the beauty that lies beneath it all.

That's what you have done mom, you see hope, love and beauty in everyone, especially these women and mostly you see it in me. I love you for that. I love you mom, more than words can say. Thank you for being here on this earth and bringing me along for the beautiful ride.