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"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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The unlucky fly that made me cry.
As many of you know I practice Buddhism, which spreads the lessons of peace, love and happiness, to be kind to others, have patience and among other things to never cause harm to other living things. I started practicing Buddhism after my accident and have taken it very seriously which has helped me greatly throughout my journey the last few years...

Well, a few weeks ago at work a fly decided to hang out with me at my desk, and it was a bit annoying at first but then I thought, the fly must know I am not going to hurt it and it must feel a good aura from me to be hanging around so long! So, instead of swatting it away I let the fly sit on my desk, land on my face and my arms, and just let it decide wherever it wanted to be. I started to grow attached to the little fly and even thought well I might just give it a name, but just as I was about to name the little guy, I hear... WHACK! One of the ladies I work with had walked up behind me and killed my new little friend. I just sat for a moment and stared at it, the poor dead smashed fly. The girl who sits next to me, nicknamed "Chocolate" handed me a Clorox wipe and said, "Here, you can clean it up with this." Then she looked over at the girl who had whacked the fly and said, "Girl don't you know it's against Jessica's religion to kill animals!"

Chocolate looked over at me and asked "Jessica, are you crying?" then started to cry because she noticed I was so upset. The girl who whacked the fly saw Chocolate crying, and asked her why SHE was crying to which Chocolate replied, "because Jessica is crying!" The next thing you know we are all sitting there in the office sobbing over a dead fly. Who would've thought, we all started out crying but ended up laughing about the whole situation!

Another one of girls even made a sign for the girl who had whacked the fly that said "Fly Killer!" and they posted it on her desk.

I am not sure if anyone else will find this funny, maybe you just had to be there. But I want everyone to know, I am okay here, and I do laugh a lot. I have others that I can laugh with and share things these type of moments with too. Even if they sometimes start with a tear or two.

The next time a fly lands on you, think of me and please don't whack it, just shoo it away.

Peace and love,