Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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“Shakes, Strips, and Dog Butt Sniffs”
I wanted to give everyone an idea of some of the things that happen while you are in prison.  I want people to understand that it is not glamorous or comfortable to be in here...


Just imagine once a month having someone coming into your house and tossing all of your things around, emptying your drawers and throwing out some of your belongings.  Not to mention tearing all the sheets off of your mattress and folding it in half.  There is also the possibility of your next door "neighbor" or someone down the "block" causing emergency shakes because of suspicious activity.  Normally emergency shakes are caused because of shanks, ( a homemade prison knife), drugs or somebody has been stealing their "neighbors" belongings.


If you think your annual checkup at your doctors office in uncomfortable then you would hate prison!  Strip downs can be and will be done when ever the DOC feels the need to do them.  They are ALWAYS done after a visit, after working in the kitchen, and many times during shakes.  Not only do you have to get completely naked in the front of a correctional officer, but many times in front of several other inmates.  TRUST me, this is not always pretty!!  That is not the worst part though...  To ensure that we have not hidden any contraband on or in our bodies, we must squat and cough.  So, the next time you feel uncomfortable at your annual check up just remember - IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE!

Dog Butt Sniffs-

I LOVE dogs, possibly more than anyone else!  There are dogs here in prison, not the cute, fluffy, ball chasing kind though.  These are specially trained sniff and attack dogs, German Shepherds, and their job is to smell butts and cells!  

You ask why on earth are they sniffing inmates butts???? Because believe it or not, that is the number one hiding spot for hiding, weapons, drugs and other contraband.  I have no idea why anyone would want to hide something THERE, but I guess others have no problem doing it!  I would like to know who first thought, "hey, I'll just hide a big bag of drugs "up there", no one will ever find it??!!

During a "shake" the officers bring out the K-9 units, they will line up the inmates against a chain linked fence and have us squat while the dogs run past us, while squatting.  If you happen to have bad knees then this is NOT easy.  Sometimes we must stay in the squat position for several minutes.  For us, inmates, this is just another normal day of Shakes, Strips and Dog butt sniffs.

Remember...Please don't drink and drive