Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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A beautiful Christmas message from a Perryville inmate
Dear all,

One must remember the reason for the season.  There is no better place to do that, than in prison.  There are no presents or Christmas trees, no stockings or egg-nog before the fire.  No carol's or snowball fights.  Just thousands of women who are homesick, for the holidays with their families.

People have said that they "find god" when they go to prison.  While it is true that God is everywhere, being "inside" gives us an opportunity to slow down and realize his presence.  The everyday things that we take for granted "out there", seem miraculous to us, "in here".

The gifts we get are not wrapped in beautiful paper, it/s when you hear your name at mail call, or somebody spends all day to draw you a picture, make you a card, or write you a poem.  It's when someone takes the time to smile at you, pats you on the back, and wishes you a Merry Christmas. (you know what it took for them to make that effort, and you know they really mean it)  It's the 2nd or 3rd time worn, hand me down tennis shoes, given to you because you don't have any and can't afford to buy them.  It's the cup of hot chocolate handed to you on a cold winter morning (and then you find out it was their last one).  It's the book, finally put into your hand that you've been waiting to read.

On Christmas day we celebrate Christ's birth.  He was born so he could die for our sins.  He offers us forgiveness, and of all the places in the world that people need to be forgiven it is here, in prison.

Have a joy filled holiday,

Diana M.
Inmate at Perryville women's prison