Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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Write to Jessica at:

Jessica L Robinson
ADC # 256178
San Carlos B-2-30
ASPC Perryville
PO Box 3700
Goodyear, AZ  85395

For Questions, comments or help, email us at:
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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What am I permitted to mail Jessica?

  • Postcards
  • Basic greeting cards (ie. no glue, glitter, music, pop-ups)
  • Regular letter, as many pages as you'd like (Typed or hand-written)
  • Photographs, no more than 30 at a time (size limit 4x6)
Not Permitted
  • Offensive material or photographs (ie. alcohol, gang signs, nudity, cursing)
  • CD's  (these must be sent through an approved vendor)
  • Books  (these must be sent through an approved vendor)
  • Magazines  (must be ordered and sent through publisher)
  • Objects (ie. packages, bookmarks, stamps, blank envelopes or paper, black greeting cards).  Basically nothing other than paper can be included. 

How can I contact Jessica?

There are a couple of ways to get in touch with Jessica. You may write her through this website or mail her directly.

How do I put money directly into an inmates account?


Effective October 15, 2014, the Arizona Department of Corrections will no longer accept Money Orders or Cashier Checks for deposit into an Inmate’s Trust Account. The exception will be for Compassionate Leave payments and Visitation Background Fees. Family and Friends wishing to transfer funds into an Inmate’s Trust Account may utilize electronic deposit services available through JPAY, KEEFE, or GTL by walk-up, phone, or internet.

Where do donations go?

Your donation goes directly to the purchase of books for the Perryville Women's Correctional Facility literacy programs and libraries.

What can I do to help Jessica’s Operation Orange?

There are many ways you can contribute. You can donate new or used books, buy a bracelet, or make a cash donations for Jessica's Operation Orange. Contact us if you'd like to help in another way.

Link to Perryville Prison

Use this link to find out about DOC policies, find an inmate, the specific PO Box of the "yards", food visit schedule and general information about the prison.  I suggest to all families of incarcerated loved ones, read the policy, it will help!

What phone service must be used for an inmate to call from an Arizona State Prison?

The phone service that must be used in order to receive calls from someone incarcerated in an AZ State Prison is :

If you want to receive calls to a cell phone you MUST use this service.  You can use this service for landline (home phones) and cell phones.

A couple of hints for those that live out of the calling area. Get a cell phone with an Arizona area code of either (602) or (623) or (480) if you use one of these area codes the calls will be considered a local collect call and the calls will average around $1.80. If you have an area code other than one of the one mentioned it will be considered a long distance collect call and could cost as much as $25.00 per 15 minute call!

Only those people who have been approved on an inmates visitation list will be permitted to accept calls from an inmate.

Phase 1 inmates get one phone call per day
Phase 2 inmates get two phone calls per day
Phase 3 inmates are permitted unlimited phone call per day

What phone service do I use to receive calls from an AZ County Jail?

The service that must be used to receive calls from a Maricopa Count Jail is : V Connect Services

You must use this service if you want to receive calls to a wireless mobile number. This service is only for calls from Jail, there is another service you must use for Arizona State Prisons. See FAQ for phone service for State Prison

How do I get to Perryville prison?

From the East side of Phoenix:
Take the I10 West to the Cotton Lane exit. Take a right at the exit, heading north on Cotton Lane. At the first street, McDowell, take a left.  At the next intersection, Citrus Lane, take a right. The main entrance to the prison will be on your right.  The Prison is located on both the East and West sides of the road.   Depending on which yard you are visiting will determine which side you will enter.

For reference, here is the physical address of Perryville:
2105 North Citrus Road
Goodyear, AZ 85395

Main Telephone # (623) 853-0304
Main Fax # (623) 853-0425


Inmate Visitation Application

It is my suggestion from personal experience as well as many others experience that it is BEST to print the Visitor application and fill it out by hand. Send in your application with your $25.00 money order for the background check fee attached to your application. Make copies of everything before you send it to the prison. Send it all together from the post office and with TRACKING.

Here are a few helpful hints!

1. READ all instructions before filling out or mailing your application or background check fee!

2. Each application will need a separate money order for the background check, you cannot send in two applications and a $50 money order, you MUST send a separate $25 for each application being sent it. If you do not do this correctly it will result in your application being delayed.

3. When addressing the envelope for your application and background check fee it should be addressed as such:

This is an EXAMPLE ONLY, you will use the name of the specific prison, specific yard and address to which your loved one is currently residing. The following example is for the women’s prison in Goodyear AZ.

ASPC Perryville
Attn: Lumley Visitation Officer
Visitation Application and Background Check fee enclosed
PO Box 3300
Goodyear, AZ 85395



Methods of Payment:

If you wish to make your payment electronically please proceed to one of the following payment options:

Money Orders and Electronic Payment: Separate money orders or electronic transactions for each visitor must be submitted for accountability purposes. Please ensure you maintain all receipts for your personal records as one will not be provided to you by ADC.
Make Payable to:

Arizona Department of Corrections - Visitation

Memo Line must contain:
Visitor Name
Inmate Name / ADC Number

There are two links available for submission of applications listed below:

1. On-Line Application: For potential visitors and those persons only receiving calls from inmates who wish to submit their application electronically, once the application is completed and submitted, the visitor or a potential call recipient will not be able to apply for the same inmate for a period of 90 days. If you decide to pay by Western Union the Code City is AZVISITORBACK AZ.

2. Printed Application: For potential visitors or a potential call recipient who do not wish to submit their application on-line, they may complete the application form, print it, and mail it directly to the Unit Visitation Office where the inmate is currently assigned. You are not to submit an application while the inmate is in the intake process at Alhambra. The envelope must clearly read "Attention Visitation Officer". If payment is enclosed with the application, the envelope must clearly read "Attention Visitation Officer - Background Check Fee". Do not mail the application directly to the inmate; we must receive it from you or it will be voided.

Note: In both instances it is critical that all information fields and both sides are completed prior to submitting the form. By completing and submitting this form, you are attesting to the truthfulness and accuracy of the information. Criminal background checks are conducted on all persons applying for visitation or phone call privileges.

All adult visitors applying on or after July 20, 2011 must pay a one time, non-refundable, $25.00 background check fee in accordance with Department Order 911. Those persons wishing to accept phone calls from inmates and will not be visiting in-person must apply for phone privileges utilizing the regular application process. Please refer to the "Need Help" link or Department Order 911 for a complete list of those persons that are exempt from the background check fee when applying for visitation or phone call privileges.

Properly completed visitation applications shall be processed and approved or denied within 60 days of receipt of the application, and verified payment if applicable.

It is recommended all visitors read Department Order 911.

Money Orders and Electronic Payment: Separate money orders or electronic transactions for each visitor must be submitted for accountability purposes. Please ensure you maintain all receipts for your personal records as one will not be provided to you by ADC.
Make Payable to:
• Arizona Department of Corrections - Visitation
• Memo Line must contain:
o Visitor Name
o Inmate Name / ADC Number



DEPARTMENT ORDER 911 (Visitor Guidelines)

Inmate “phase” system used in AZ prisons

The different Phases of inmates:

Phase I - date of arrival to 6 months with NO disciplinary 
Phase II - 6 months to 1 year with NO disciplinary
Phase III - over one year with NO disciplinary

Phase I is permitted one 4 hour visit per weekend and one phone call per day.
Phase II is permitted 3 , 4 hour blocks of visits per weekend and 2 phone calls per day.
Phase III is permitted 4, 4 hour blocks of visits per weekend if medium custody, they are permitted up to 5 phone calls per day, if minimum custody, unlimited phone calls per day. 
(they may only make calls to those people who are their approved list of visitors)

For more information on the different Phases and the privileges they are permitted, check the DOC website under policies.  

The visitation schedule is as follows:

Saturday: 8:00am to Noon OR Noon to 4:00pm
If visiting during the morning block you must be checked in by 10:00am
If visiting during the afternoon block you must be checked in by 2:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am to noon or noon to 4:00pm
If visiting during the morning block you must be checked in by 10:00am
If visiting during the afternoon block you must be checked in by 2:00pm

Inmates may have up to 6 visitors at one time.  It is best if someone is leaving and another person is arriving , that you overlap the visit.  This will keep your loved one from being returned to the yard, being strip searched twice and on some yards, once the inmate is strip searched and returned to the yard, they will not be called to visitation for another visitor. 

Who can visit Jessica?

Jessica is permitted only 20 visitors to be on her permanent visitor list; these are family and friends who are committed to visiting on a regular basis. 

Jessica is permitted 4 special visits per year, this means visits from other people who are not on her 20 list. To inquire about a special visit please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

What is the visitation process like?

Once you have completed your visitation form, and you enter  the lobby area, you will need to wait at the double doors until a correctional officer signals you to come forward for processing. You will give the officer your paperwork along with your drivers license. Once that has been completed you will need to go through security. You will need to remove your shoes, belt, and any other metal before walking through the metal detector. If for health reasons you cannot go through the metal detector you must bring documentation with you. It is best to avoid wearing any metal accessories or clothing that has any metal fittings on it. Simple is better in this case. For ladies it is best to wear a non-underwire bra. 

Am I allowed to smoke during a visit?

If you smoke, you may bring one unopened pack of cigarettes. No lighters or matches are permitted. 

Are visits contact visits?

Yes, they are contact visits. You will be able to visit with Jessica in a visitation area that provides indoor and outdoor seating.   There are cards and games you may play while visiting as well as vending machines to purchase food and beverages from.  Each visitor is permitted to bring up to $30 in loose change (no pennies) to use in the vending machines.  

What items am I permitted to bring?

  • VALID Drivers License (Required) **
  • Single Car Key and/or clicker
  • One pair of prescription glasses or sun glasses (sun glasses must be prescription and you must bring your written RX with you)
  • One unopened pack of cigarettes
  • Up to $30 in loose coins to use in the vending machine (you may bring up to $30 per visitor). Must be in a clear bag. A simple ziplock bag will suffice.
  • One jacket
  • One watch
  • A wedding ring
  • One small pair of non-dangly earrings
  • One religious medallion

What clothing am I allowed to wear?

  • NO orange, brown, tan, or khaki clothing can be worn, all other colors are okay.
  • Shorts and skirts must come to the knee.
  • No V-Necks, plunging necklines, or showing of midriff.
  • NO lace, sheer clothing or spandex, or leggings
  • Women: Wear a bra without an underwire if possible.
  • Shirts must not contain any offensive material.
  • Jeans are permitted NO RIPS OR TEARS
  • Underwear is required! :)
  • There are no restrictions on shoes, but they must be removed to go through security and clear the metal detector. If your shoes do NOT clear the metal detector, you will not be able to visit
  • Belts are permitted but must be removed to go through security.
  • Wristwatches are permitted but must be removed to go through security.
  • The ONLY jewelry permitted is a wedding band/ring and one pair of small non-dangly earrings and a religious necklace. 
The less metal you have on the better. If you go through the metal detector twice and fail, you will be denied visitation. You can wear a belt, but you will need to take it off to get through security. It is suggested that you do not wear one unless necessary.