Follow the thoughts and experiences of Jessica Robinson as she journeys through the Arizona prison system.

"Please don't drink and drive,
it changed my life and
took the life of another."
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The most recent letter ...
One drink is too many if you are going to drive!

It's fall and the holidays are here -  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.  I want to remind everyone to drink responsibly. If you are going to drink, please have a designated driver.  

If you live in Arizona, you live in a state with some of the strictest laws in the Nation.  Before you get behind a wheel of anything with a motor, know the laws!  ONE drink is too many in Arizona.

Read the entire letter
The most recent update: It’s a new year and we have some birthday’s to celebrate!
Posted: January 02nd 2015 by Jeanne Robinson

Welcome 2015!  It's time to celebrate some birthdays now that the holidays are over.  

A very BIG thank you to some very special peoplewho helped send over 1400 Christmas cards sent to the women of Perryville prison!   There will be an article coming soon about that amazing project.

Read the entire news update
Update: Send a card and make someone smile!
Posted: December 02nd 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

It is the most wonderful time of the year, for most of us. The holidays have arrived and that means lots of good food, visiting with family and friends, shopping and of course gifts! It's it grand?! Well when you are incarcerated it can be THE most depressing, lonely time of the year. Please remember our men and women in Orange in your thoughts and prayers during this Holdiay season. If you have a chance, choose a name or two from the December birthday list and send them a card. I promise you it will lift their spirits to know they are not forgotten. YOUR card may be the only gift they get.  

A good motivation is what is needed: compassion without dogmatism, without complicated philosophy; just understanding that others are human brothers and sisters and respecting their human rights and dignities. That we humans can help each other is one of our unique human capacities.

The Dalai Lama

Update: It’s November birthday time, please show some compassion to those who need it the most.
Posted: October 30th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”
― Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness 

It's November birthday time, please show some compassion to those who need it the most.  
Update: What a beautiful time of year - cooler weather, changing leaves and some special birthdays!
Posted: September 29th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

Birthdays are special holidays that we can celebrate just for ourselves.  Help make someones holiday special by sending a card!
Update: Better late than Never!!  September birthdays!
Posted: September 11th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

Sorry this list is late!  Even if you send a belated birthday card, the inmate will be so happy to get it!  
Update: Time to celebrate our Nation’s freedom and a few birthdays!
Posted: July 08th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

This month is our 3rd Anniversary of the Sunshine Club!   Thank you to all of the Sunshine Club Angels who conitinute to make this project a huge sucess! 
Letter from Jessica: One year, eleven months and 30 days…

Update: June Birthday’s…send a card and let someone hear their name called
Posted: June 04th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

Mail Call

Darkness and loneliness fill my cell
with pain and fear too great to tell.

I wait for the mailman to deliver to me
As I wipe away tears that no one will see.

I pray so sincere with head raised above,
"Please, God, soon send a letter of love".

I long to gaze upon pages so dear,
With riches to bring my loved ones near.

Words of diamonds on pages of gold
A message from heaven as their story is told,

"We love you, miss you, pray you'll be free".
A treasure filled envelope just for me.

Please bring memories of joy I once knew
Family, friends, and things I would do.

The darkness and pain of my cell will prevail
As my name, again, was not called for mail.

John M. Reynolds
Chicken Soup For The Prisoner's Soul
Update: Mail call, it’s the most important time of day…help brighten someones day!
Posted: April 30th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

Mail call is the most important time of day for those who are incarcertated.  Jessica has told me of many women who have been in prison for years or most of their lives who still go every day to mail call hoping their name will be called.   I am grateful to all of you who continue to help bring joy to the lives of many who get to hear their names called! 
Update: April showers bring…lots of smiles?!
Posted: March 27th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

Is it really April already?  I love the Spring, especially in Arizona.   The desert is in bloom, the sun is out and it's a great month to send a birthday card!  Help make someone feel special this month and send them a birthday greeting.  You might just get a card in return! :)
Update: WOW!  March is a big birthday month!  Get your cards ready!
Posted: February 28th 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

It's almost Spring, or it a least feels like it here in sunny Arizona.  Let's bring some sunshine to these lucky birthday people!  There are tons of birthdays this month.  If you cannot send a card to everyone, pick a few and make their day!
Update: February - The month of love, hearts, Valentine’s Day AND BIRTHDAYS!
Posted: January 31st 2014 by Jeanne Robinson

It's that time of year again, everyone is thinking about hearts, flowers, chocolate and Valentine cards...BUT we have some Birthday's to celebrate!   Let's get those cards going!
Update: 2014!  Let the birthday cards begin!
Posted: December 27th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

What a year 2013 was!  So many cards sent and so much joy and happiness brought to those who would have otherwise be forgotten.   Thank you all so much for making this happen! Wishing you all a Happy Healthy New Year and always remember, Please DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!  Be safe and help save lives.   

If you are not on the email list to receive the thank you's I receive from the Birthday people, email me through the website and I would be happy to add you to the list!
Update: It’s the most wonder time of the year…for most of us…
Posted: November 22nd 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

It is the most wonderful time of the year, for most of us.  The holidays have arrived and that means lots of good food, visiting with family and friends, shopping and of course gifts!   It's it grand?!  Well when you are incarcerated it can be THE most depressing, lonely time of the year.  Please remember our men and women in Orange in your thoughts and prayers during this Holdiay season.  If you have a chance, pick one of the birthday lists and send them each a Holiday card.  I promise you it will lift their spirits to know they are not forgotten.  YOUR card may be the only gift they get.
Update: THIS is why I do what I do….
Posted: November 08th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

If you volunteer, donate your time, energy or money and ever wonder, "am I really making a difference".  You ARE!
Update: November Sunshine Club!
Posted: October 22nd 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days.
An old day passes, a new day arrives.
The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day.
 ~ Dalai Lama

Thank you for helping to making the day meaningful for those on this months birthday list.
Update: Is it really October already?  Time for changing of the leaves, pumpkins AND October BIRTHDAYS!
Posted: September 26th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

It's Sunshine Club Birthday time again!   There is a big, big list this month.  If you can only send a few cards that's okay!  If we each send a few then everyone will at least receive a card or two! Here are a few suggestions on how to save a little if you are sending a lot of cards:
1. Buy pretty computer paper (dollar store carries it) or make some of your own, type out the birthday message.  (much cheaper than cards and appreciated just the same)
2. Use postcards (you can buy pre-paid postage ones at the post office) decorate them and add your birthday message.
3. Have cards printed at Costco with your favorite picuture on it (a flower, a pet or favorite quote)  These are very reasonable and they come with enveloples  50 for $14.99 and for every additional 25 cards ordered it is super reasonable.  You can do this on-line with the photo department.

Update: A Night of fun and some hip music…all for a good cause!  Sept. 27th @ 7:30 @ The Trunk Space!
Posted: September 26th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

The weather is going to be perfect. The venue is edgy and cool.  The music will be terrific. AND to add to it all, we are launching a new game called Jailbirds: How to Get Your Life Back BINGO. Dress is casual. Alcohol free event. Bragg's Famous Pies will be available. Hope to see you there! 

Friday September 27th @ 7:30pm

The Trunk Space
1506 NW Grand Ave
Phoenix, AZ

This event will benefit women who are released from prison! 
Update: Please watch this incredible video….This is the message Jessica wants to send to all of you!!!
Posted: September 06th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

An Ohio man has confessed to driving drunk, causing the death of another man, 61-year old Vincent Canzani, back in June.  Sheen posted the video on his site, which he began last year to help people keep their promises, with the hope of encouraging others to make their own promise to never drink and drive. He writes,

"No more “it was only a couple beers.” If I drink any alcohol, I’m not driving anywhere. I encourage you to make the same commitment and share your promise with #saveyourvictim. If you need a promise card, I’d gladly send you some at no cost."
Update: September Sunshine Club!
Posted: August 25th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read."

– Mark Twain

Thank you to all of the Angels that help put smiles on the faces of those who may not hear or see kindness in prison.   Life in prison is hard and lonely.  The birthday cards you send help to bring joy and hope to someone who may feel lost and forgotten.  Keep up the good work Sunshine Club!
Update: Want to help bring a little joy to someone’s life?  It’s as simple as sending a birthday card!
Posted: July 30th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

It's time to bring some Sunshine to the men and women who have birthdays in August! 
Update: It’s time to celebrate our July birthdays!
Posted: June 27th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

The Sunshine Club is 2 years strong!  A few of the women recently reported receiving 12 to 15 cards! One woman mentioned in 15 years incarcerated, it was the first time she had received a birthday card!  She felt so loved and NOT forgotten! Thanks to all the SSC Angels!
Update: It is Sunshine Club time for June!  Lots of birthdays to celebrate this month
Posted: May 28th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

Get your cards ready, there are a lot of inmate birthday's this month!  It's also the 2nd Anniversary of the JOO Sunshine Club!  Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible!
Update: Mom bring me a chocolate bunny?!
Posted: May 03rd 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

A reminder to all of us.
Update: May Sunshine Club time!
Posted: April 18th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

May already?!   Yes, it is! There is a big list of Birthday's this month, get your cards ready!
Update: April Sunshine Club time!
Posted: March 28th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

Do you believe it is Spring already?  Let's spring some love on these April birthday people!
Update: When I say slightest impairment in Arizona I really mean it!
Posted: March 12th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

I have told people many times, you cannot take even a sip of alcohol and drive in Arizona.  You cannot do drugs and drive in Arizona.   I REALLY mean it!
Letter from Jessica: Not a single wrapped present to open or a birthday cake, YES this was the best birthday ever!

Just a small conversation, a letter or a photo is worth a thousand moments to us. Each time we hear a familiar voice, see familiar handwriting, a photo or smell the scent of a past perfume or cologne it takes you to a person, place and time. 
Letter from Jessica: A re-post of a letter from Jessica - I thought we could all use a reminder

Everyday when I wake up I always try to tell myself that, "Today, I will be happy and accept whatever may come my way." Of course I have "my days' where I get upset, down, or angry, but I know that this is NOT permanent and there are so many others in this world who have so much less than I. The support and love from everyone through this has been very humbling.
Update: Please help to keep this gem of a bookstore stay open!  Support this local business!
Posted: February 22nd 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

If not for Thom and Melanie, owners of the Dog-Eared Pages Used Bookstore, the Arizona State Prisons shelves would not be overflowing with great books. I met Thom and Melanie shortly after Jessica was incarcerated and immediately we became friends. The Dog-Eared Pages Used Bookstore has so generously donated THOUSANDS of books to support Jessica's Operation Orange, the Prisons and bookclubs in the prisons.   I am urging all of you - if you live here in Phoenix visit their wonderful bookstore, if you live out of state go to their website and order a book or call them and then can help you find what you need!!  Let's all support and help this localy owned, fantasic bookstore stay open!

Thank you Thom and Melanie for being friends to the Robinson's and for all of your generosity to those who are incarcerated.
Update: March Sunshine Club list!
Posted: February 18th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

It is already warming up here in the desert! Let's warm some hearts and send some Happy BIrthday Wishes!
Update: Sunshine Club and Book Club meet and greet!  Please join us!
Posted: February 02nd 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

If you have been part of the Sunshine Club or Book Club, or you wish to get involved in one or both of these, you are invited to a party!

You are invited to come mix and mingle with other Sunshine Club and Book Club volunteers! It will be fun to meet each other and most of all, receive the mail that has been waiting for special delivery to all of you!
Update: It is February Sunshine Club time!
Posted: January 25th 2013 by Jeanne Robinson

Send a birthday card and make someone's day!  Send a Valentine card too and make their whole month! :)
Update: Happy New Year!  It’s time to start another year of bringing chear…Jan. b-day list is here!
Posted: December 20th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

We are starting on our second year of the Sunshine Club!  I am planning a gathering of the Sunshine Club "angels" in February.  Save the date Feb. 10th...more info to come soon!
Letter from Jessica: A beautiful Christmas message from a Perryville inmate

People have said that they "find god" when they go to prison. While it is true that God is everywhere, being "inside" gives us an opportunity to slow down and realize his presence. The everyday things that we take for granted "out there", seem miraculous to us, "in here".
Update: Ho - Ho - Ho it’s December Sunshine Club time!
Posted: November 28th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

It's the holdiday season again.  Let's help make the season bright for these December birthday's!!
Update: It’s time again….Sunshine Club time!
Posted: October 31st 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

Do you believe it is November?  Where has the year gone?  The Sunshine Club is still here and going strong!
Update: October Sunshine Club!
Posted: September 18th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

As the weather cools off lets turn on the heat and send some love to these lucky birthday ladies!  There are a lot of birthday's this month!  :)
Update: September Sunsine Club!
Posted: August 29th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

For those incarecated, mail call is THE most important time of day,  especially on holidays and your own birthday.  Let's help these women get their names called on their special day!
Update: It’s Sunshine Club time!!  August birthdays :)
Posted: July 31st 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

Wow, can you believe it is August already?!  It is has been terribly hot outside!   Let's turn on some heat of our own and send some love to the birthday people for August!
Letter from Jessica: The 1-1-1 Rule!

The last “shake” a few months ago the officers took a brand new long sleeve shirt, a set of my favorite sheets, a few other items such has hair ties and barrettes, and the boxes that helped to organize my drawers. At first I was so angry and frustrated, especially about the eleven dollar shirt that I had purchased and not yet worn!
Update: It’s SUNSHINE CLUB time!
Posted: June 14th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

It's Happy Birthday time for these lucky ladies....send them a card and make them smile.  Let them know that someone cares!
Update: June Sunshine Club!
Posted: May 25th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

One year ago this month the Sunshine Club sent out our first birthday card.  Since that time we have sent hundreds of birthday cards to many lucky women and men who otherwise may not have received a card on their birthday. To all of you who continue to put smiles on the faces of these forgotten people, I thank you and they thank you!  I know if they could, they would hug you and tell you how much your card meant to them.  I have heard it from many of them and many times it was with tears in their eyes. 
Update: It’s time for the May Sunshine Club !
Posted: April 27th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

May Sunshine Club time!
Letter from Jessica: Too Beautiful not to share….

I look back to the Monday after the accident, I thought we would never be fine again. Happy to say, and as weird as this may sound, I think we are better than fine. We are better people, a better family and stronger because of this. I still wish that this had not happened, but the aftermath in all reality has been a "beautiful mistake".
Update: April Sunshine Club!
Posted: March 27th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

We are almost to our Sunshine Club one year Anniversary! Thank you for making this project successful! You are all Angels.
Update: March Sunshine Club!
Posted: February 27th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

Time to make some smiles in March, don't forget to send your cards to our Sunshine Club Birthday People!
Update: February Sunshine Club List :)
Posted: January 17th 2012 by Jeanne Robinson

February Sunshine Club List - send a card and make someone smile!!!
Update: January Sunshine Club time!
Posted: December 28th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

January Sunshine Club! Let's make a great start to 2012 for these ladies!
Update: Not just a simple card, a gesture that meant the WORLD to someone else.
Posted: December 23rd 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Most of the cards the Sunshine Club sends have been birthday cards. Recently I learned that the most important cards we've sent were to one special inmate, Cheryl Nelson...thinking of you and get well cards. When Jessica learned Cheryl had terminal cancer, she asked me to put Cheryl’s name on the Sunshine Club list. I asked and the Sunshine Club delivered! We thought this might put a smile on Cheryl's face for a moment, but what I never expected was this...
Update: Sunshine Club for December !
Posted: November 30th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

It's December birthday time for the Sunshine Club! ~ Happy Holidays and thank you for all of your support for our beautiful men and women in Orange
Letter from Jessica: A Little Honesty

When I first came to prison 16 months ago, everything was new. Everyday I was encountering new people, policies and adjusting to being an inmate in prison. Now that all the “training” and newness has worn off, I have begun to see the layers of this onion peel away, exposing the ugliness of prison.
Update: November Sunshine Club list!
Posted: October 20th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Wow it is already November, this is our 6th month of the Sunshine Club! I cannot thank all of you enough for your continued support of these special women in Perryville!
Update: Sunshine Club Birthdays for October!
Posted: September 22nd 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

This is our 5th month of supporting our birthday women in Perryville!!!
Letter from Jessica: Did you know????

Many of you have written really interesting questions. :) Questions like, do you have a TV? Do the lights get turned out at a certain time of night? What is the food like? Do the male officers do strip searches?

Update: September Sunshine Club Info!!
Posted: August 26th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Below is the information for the September Birthday Club ladies at Perryville!
Update: Please Don’t Do It
Posted: August 19th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Over the past 2 weeks I have accompanied a young beautiful bright girl to her court date where she was taken into custody and took a 7 year plea, I met with 2 other women who are mothers, in their 30's who have had DUI's and are facing up to 8 months in prison.
Update: Sunshine Club Thank you’s!
Posted: August 19th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

I am receiving thank you cards from many of the lucky women who are receiving cards on their birthdays! If you are one of the wonderful participants helping with this project, could you please email me your email address if I do not already have it so I can send you these heartfelt thank you letters and cards.
Letter from Jessica: A July I will NEVER forget ! Lockdowns and quarantines…

Starting on July 2nd, the hottest day of the year, we were locked down to our cells after the 4:00 pm count. Nobody knew what was going on and the officers wouldn't give us a clue. Finally after hours of being "held hostage" in our roasting cells we received word that there had been and "incident" on one of the neighboring yards.
Letter from Jessica: I am sorry that I have not been a very good pen pal to some of you!

I am so sorry it has been so long since my last letter! This past month has been very crazy! Between the heat, the lock downs and dodging scabies...yes scabies I have been very busy.
Update: Our message being heard, AROUND THE WORLD??
Posted: August 04th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Who would have ever imagined that it would turn into this!!? The website that is read around the world, YES around the world.  People from 32 different countries have visited the website!
Update: Going on a trip, going out of town, live out of town, out of the country….then SEND a postcard!
Posted: August 04th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Jessica loves receiving postcards from around the world, it is her way of taking herself around the world...
Update: August Birthdays for the Perryville Sunshine Club!
Posted: July 24th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

It's Birthday time again!! Get those cards ready! 
Update: A thank you to the Sunshine Club from Ryan at Perryville…
Posted: July 20th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

It truly means alot to me that you thought of me. You are all an inspiration to a woman (me) that comes from a background of poor role models.
Update: More July Birthday’s for the Perryville Sunshine Club!
Posted: July 17th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Don't forget next weeks Birthdays, and I added one more to the list!!!! :)
Update: Thank you’s from our Sunshine Club ladies in Perryville…
Posted: July 16th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Thank all of you so much for touching my heart on my birthday. You made me smile from the inside out. God has blessed Operation Orange tremendously to touch many lives & give inspiration and hope...
Update: Strong Women Blog….
Posted: July 06th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

The link below is to a website called Strong Women Blog. When Jessica first arrived at Perryville she signed up to take a creative writing class.
Update: Surviving the heat in Perryville!
Posted: July 03rd 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

I just wanted to send a note to let you all know that I am doing okay and surviving the heat wave out here in Perryville. My unit has a swamp cooler which helps, until the humidity rises.
Update: Last minute birthday…!!
Posted: July 02nd 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Last minute name for the Sunshine Club!!! Please help in sending a birthday card to Nichole....
Letter from Jessica: The unlucky fly that made me cry.

A few weeks ago while I was at work a fly decided it wanted to hang out with me, it was a bit annoying at first but then I thought, the fly must know I am not going to hurt it and feels a good Aura from me.
Update: It’s Sunshine Club time again, 3 more birthdays!...
Posted: June 24th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

We have 3 women this week having BIRTHDAYS!! Let's show them some love and make their day a happy one! All it takes is a card, a stamp, and sign your name at the bottom!
Update: One year finished…Let’s tell her Congratulations….
Posted: June 22nd 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Well she did it, one year is over Jessica survived, our family survived and we could not have done it without all of the love and support from YOU are friends and family!!   
To "celebrate" her one year mark I am asking everyone to send a card or letter and include pictures! Let's congratulate her.
Update: Our First Perryville Sunshine Club recipient had a wonderful birthday!!
Posted: June 19th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

 Kristina had a wonderful birthday! She received 10 birthday cards...
Update: First Annual Jessica’s Operation Orange Rummage Sale A Big Sucess!
Posted: June 18th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! Those of you who donated items, help sort the 1000's of books, worked hard in the heat setting up all the sale items and helping with the clean up, THANK YOU!
Letter from Jessica: Stories coming soon from Jessica - The Fly That Made Me Cry and The Fastest Strip In Prison History!

Jessica is working on a few stories as well as a new weekly update for the website. She tries to write back to those who write her as much as she can but believe it or not, she is super busy.
Update: Perryville Sunshine Fund, YOU can help make someone smile!
Posted: June 12th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Many of these women day after day, week after week, month after month and for some year after year, come outside to be disappointed yet once again that their name was not called at mail call.  Jessica said when they finally do get their name called, some of the women are brought to tears. 

After much discussion of what we could do to help, we thought of the Perryville Sunshine Club...
Update: Gina’s Team - Getting Inmates Needs Addressed
Posted: June 06th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

GINA’s Team, named for Gina Panetta who died while serving time in an Arizona prison, actively promotes education and self-sufficiency for incarcerated women and men in Arizona and the United States at no cost to the prisons.
Update: Please read this amazing book!
Posted: June 01st 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

If you really want to know what Jessica is experiencing while being incarcerated at the Perryville Women's Prison then please read the book, The Slumber Party From Hell by Sue Ellen Allen.
Letter from Jessica: This is a story written by a beautiful woman on Jessica’s yard…

Hope's Story...

When I was a little girl living in my second foster home; a couple thousand miles away from my family, I silently made a secret promise to my Cabbage Patch Doll. I promised her that I would someday be the world’s greatest mom. With a heavy heart at eight years old, I told her that when I grew up and had a baby of my own I would make sure that no one would ever hurt her or take her away from me.
Letter from Jessica: “Shakes, Strips, and Dog Butt Sniffs”

"Shakes, Strips and Dog Butt Sniffs"

Posted: May 25th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

As we stood by the picnic table outside waiting for her to come from her yard, we were overcome with emotion. I knew how much this day, these gifts of love we were bringing meant to Jessica. We did not have Thanksgiving or Christmas together last year, this day; our food visit day was our holiday
Letter from Jessica: Sister’s reunite after a decade on the Prison Yard

Both AJ and her sister, Sandi, hugged one another while in tears. AJ kissed her sisters cheek at least a dozen times. I watched behind the window in the kitchen with tears of my own...
Update: Creative Writing Coming Soon
Posted: April 14th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

One of the first things Jessica did when she arrived at Perryville Prison was enroll in a Creative Writing Class. She loved the class, loved to be able to get her feelings down on paper and loved sharing her thoughts and feelings with the other women in the class.

Update: Operation Orange is having a Rummage Sale!
Posted: April 14th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

All proceeds will go towards purchasing items for the literacy programs for all of the Arizona State Prisons, items needed for inmate/family visitation areas and puzzle books for the inmates that are in the medical units.
Update: April is alcohol awareness month
Posted: April 04th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Jessica's Operation Orange is asking for each of you to share Jessica's story with a least one person this month.
Letter from Jessica: An Imates Day at Dental

This is not your typical comfortable cushy dental office waiting room. There is no music playing overhead and no friendly receptionist to greet you.
Update: Don’t forget to write!
Posted: April 01st 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Jessica loves to hear her name called at mail call! 

Update: Thank you for your donations!
Posted: April 01st 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

A great big THANK YOU to everyone that responded to the need for games and cards for the visitation areas!
Update: Operation Orange is asking for your help.
Posted: March 16th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

The visitation areas at the prison are in desperate need of games, playing cards, coloring books and crayons. The prison does not have a budget for such things and relies solely on donations from the families that are visiting.
Update: Coming soon, Jessica gets her grilled cleaned!
Posted: March 15th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

The moment Jessica arrived at the prison, she filled out a "kite" form to get her teeth cleaned.

Update: Operation Orange invited to speak at the Statewide Prison meeting of the Librarians in April!
Posted: March 15th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

 The libraries are filling up fast and now some of the donations are going to other prisons in the state of Arizona!
Update: Jessica is now a Phase II !
Posted: March 01st 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Phase II means she is now permitted to make 2 phone calls a day,  and she will get 3, 4 hour blocks of visitations on the weekends!
Update: Two Horses
Posted: February 24th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Sometimes we are the blind horse, being guided by the little ringing bell of those who God places in our lives.
Other times we are the guide horse, helping others to find their way....    to those who have been our "Horse",  we thank you. 

Letter from Jessica: A BIG BIRTHDAY THANK YOU!!!!

It is truly humbling to have received cards from so many different people, family and and friends. This birthday I turned 26 and my birthday was more than just turning another year older...
Letter from Jessica: These are a few of my FAVORITE things…

Jessica's TOP TEN FAVORITES!  yes
Update: Don’t forget our “Orange” on Valentine’s Day!
Posted: February 08th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Jessica had an amazing birthday because of all of YOU!  Let's not forget her on Valentine's Day! Our goal is 50 Valentine's Cards!!! heart
Update: The Biggest book delivery yet!
Posted: February 07th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

This past Saturday February 12th, Operation Orange delivered to the Perryville prison, it's biggest donation yet!
Update: A letter from a friend…
Posted: February 04th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

Even though I knew who she was, I asked her name and why she was here. We found out that we were both from the town of Gilbert and were around the same age. Later that same day, we had lunch and dinner together. We were pretty much inseparable from that day on.

Update: A Poem…Mail Call
Posted: February 04th 2011 by Jeanne Robinson

This poem puts into words how important mail is to an inmate.   Thank you to everyone who writes to Jessica, mail call is her favorite time of day.